Innovation & Impact Report

FoundationCCC President and CEO Keetha Mills.
"The Foundation has embraced its role as a hub for innovation as we’ve responded to the broad and evolving needs of our state and system. We’ve tested and tried new, bold approaches, scaled programs to expand our impact where it’s needed most, stayed true to the Vision for Success, and leveraged the power of community colleges to change lives and help improve social and economic outcomes."
"FoundationCCC has been an important partner in helping remove the barriers to success that exist for our students and communities. We at the Chancellor’s Office are grateful for their support and innovative spirit, and look forward to continuing to work in partnership with the organization as we drive towards achievement of the Vision for Success and a more equitable future for our state."
California Community Colleges Interim Chancellor Dr. Daisy Gonzales.
By the Numbers

Impact Metrics


In Annual Impact

delivered across our five areas of impact


of every dollar

directly delivered through programs and services


relief dollars distributed

to Californians through state agency partnerships


scholarships awarded

to students through the Finish Line Scholars Program, the California Community Colleges Scholarship Endowment, and the Real Estate Education Endowment


wages awarded

through work-based learning experiences



across multi-year contracts raised through philanthropy, public partnerships, corporations, and donations

Our Impact

FoundationCCC has embarked on a growth-minded mission to “double our impact” through programs and services which benefit our California Community Colleges, students, and communities.

Total Annual Support
by Areas
of Impact

FoundationCCC provided over $115 million in annual support across our five areas of impact.

Endowment Management

FoundationCCC secures and manages endowments in perpetuity for student scholarships, real estate education, and nursing education.

As we look back on the past year, we see a time of great change but also one of opportunity that has called on us to work in new ways to meet the needs of our students, colleges, and California communities.

We approached the year with a forward-looking, fearless focus on the future and asked ourselves “how could we help our state recover and emerge from the pandemic better and stronger than ever?”

Together, we sought out new ways to answer this call. We found solutions to help accelerate how we get critical relief dollars, emergency aid, and student scholarships into the hands of Californians. We continued to push forward the Vision for Success with the California Community Colleges, a reminder of what it means to take radical approaches to student success with equity at the core. We expanded student peer-to-peer outreach programs on campuses to connect students with resources addressing basic needs and environmental equity. We launched new workforce programs that addressed long-standing social and economic inequities in the education-to-employment pipelines.

All of this, and more, was made possible through innovation – measured risk-taking, testing and trying new, bold approaches, and pushing ourselves to expand our impact where it’s needed most. Innovation is a key core value at the Foundation, as our mission – more urgent than ever – requires us to act with open minds and embrace the power of creativity, resourcefulness, and continuous learning to address inequities and meet community needs.

Student on campus working on a laptop.
Group of students on campus looking at a laptop together.
A happy and smiling recent college graduate.
Innovation means...

getting relief dollars to those who need it most

Leveraging our statewide reach and significant investments in financial systems infrastructure, we partnered with several state agencies this year to distribute critical relief dollars into the hands of vulnerable individuals and families, core participants of the communities our community colleges serve and are embedded in.


in relief funds provided to Californians

Photos (clockwise from top left): need college, Santa Ana College, San Diego Community College District